Friday, July 03, 2009

Give Away today

Hello all! Since my shop is officially up and running, I decided to call in a favor of a fellow blogger Julie over at Joy's Hope. She has helped to inspire me over the last year or more, so when she said she love to help me out, I was just ecstatic, to say the least. For those of you who are new to my site I'd love to give you the tour... over to the left you'll see photos of my beautiful daughter and my loving husband, who love every minute of my creativity and are so encouraging in my endeavor. Especially little Miss G who is constantly telling me I need to add a little more ribbon here and more rhinestones there! Love 5 year olds and their independence. As most of you will notice I took a leave of absence throughout the beginning of the new year, that was due largely in part to the craft fairs I took part in with a few girlfriends this past spring. I loved them so much. I just had the hardest time setting up and taking down, it was like I never wanted them to start and once they started I didn't want to leave. Hearing the feedback was such a great boost for my confidence and self esteem. Now if only I could start selling on a more regular basis... now this is where you and Julie come in.

Julie and I are hosting a giveaway this morning, it will go on until monday July 6th noon pacific time, where Julie will randomly choose to receive one of my most popular items the Chalk Clipboard absolutely FREE and for ANYONE who leaves a comment and makes a purchase here with in the next 30 days, will receive 25% off there 1st order. I'll be providing all commenters with a coupon code to redeem before check out.

Thankyou for checking out my blog and my shop. Come back when ever you feel the need. I'd love any and all feedback.

Thanks and Take Care