Thursday, August 27, 2009

School Time

As you can see my baby started Kindergarten last monday. Doesn't she look excited!!! Here you can see her on the Cat bus, on her way to school . Further down you also see me at her school walking her to class on her first day too! She wanted me and daddy to meet her there to make sure she made it to her classroom (she was a little uncertain if she could remember where it was)

This is her before school waiting in the driveway for the bus. We did alot to waste time that morning(since her bus was 1/2 a hour late), so you'll see her posing , playing 'rock paper sissors" with daddy, and then her getting on the bus.

She informed me that evening that the best part of her day was riding the bus. She absolutely loved it. She also let me know that I no longer need to follow her and then walk her to class, she was confident that she knew where she was going and even if she did get lost her teacher would be sticking her head out into the hallway to make sure she'd make it to class. So I feel demoted some how. *pout pout pout* I guess I'll get over it. She did make sure to ask me what I was now doing with my days since she was now at school all day... Made me feel good to know she noticed i'm all alone now.

Stoked that Summer & my 60+ hrs are OVER!!

Yep sad huh? those are my summer hours. Being a nanny, a mom & a wife(amongst many other things) I rarely had time this summer for anything aside from working. I spent this past weekend in total surprise that I could actually function past 9:00pm, yea not very late but normally by 8:30 I am a zombie of drool and slurring words. I literally feel like I am not sober at these "late" hours. This past weekend I let one of my girlfriends talk me into letting her have a "jewelry party" here at my house, I couldn't believe I said yes. Not that I'm not a very giving and sharing person, but I really wanted to join in on the fun & I really didn't think I'd be able to do that since the kids I watch didn't officially start school until Monday... Well here comes Saturday night...Normally I would have spent at lest all day and the day before "super cleaning" but I just wasn't feeling up to it, so instead I just picked up, swept and then spent most of Saturday morning relaxing. THANKYOU for me not feeling like it, b/c when 11:00pm came and went and the "party" was still in full swing, I was actually still in full swing too!!! YAY! One of my girlfriends actually noticed and thanked me for not kicking them out yet. They ended up leaving at about 11:50 and I was still going, I finished cleaning up and still stayed up to read a few chapters. I love when "summer" ends. I am so glad that I can stay up past 8:30 and not get picked on for not making sense when I talk, b/c I am still "there". Happy End Of The Summer To ME!!!

Saturday, August 08, 2009