Sunday, May 24, 2009

Started My Etsy Shop Today

So I started my shop today, don't have everything listed yet but I am soon on my way. I am having problems with my photos being to large, any helpful hints on ways to take great photos but have less quality, or is there some way to change to photos I already have to be the correct size(less than 2mb preferable closer to 250k)? come visit me at unfortunately no photos yet ... These are supposed to be the photos listed with the items

Thursday, May 07, 2009


With two customs orders under way, both orders from my craft show, I'm feeling great. I have been very busy this last week. My husbands sister and family are moving here tomorrow and before they get into their new place, they're staying with us for a couple of days. Since the hubby has a little more time on his hands he's been helping me out around the house and in the yard, in preparation for his sister( which is really a great excuse to get a little bit of help) but all that being said we've been deep cleaning EVERYTHING. When they're settled into their new place, I am going to start setting up my etsy shop. I'd love to have some girft certificates or free giveaways... if anyone is interested in hosting that on their blog let me know. Until next time~Simona

Below are the clipboards I made for the craft show