Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It Snowed Just For Us!

Chicago Was Wonderful! We had a wonderful flight into the city.You would laugh that immediately after landing we drove through a drive thru and without thinking we ordered *sweet *tea*, What Were We Thinking... The guy said "huh?" We will have to work on that for when we move here over the summer. We were brave and ventured out in the "barely covering the ground snow" and attempted to make a snowman. After having it fall down time and time again, we gave up and just took the photo. (yep it isn't great but we made memories making it)

We were able to venture out into downtown for an evening. We went shopping at the Navy Pier and also window shopped from the comfort of our car. Then we stopped for dinner at Rain Forrest Cafe'.

Doesn't he look Dashing?

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Check Back Soon !

I plan on up dating this soon. We get to see Jonathan in 11 days ☆yay☆. I cannot wait, many updates soon, I have thanksgiving, christmas, going away parties,& birthdays galore.