Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Friends Are Wonderful

Really Really Wonderful...

I hope you are as blessed as I am to have friends who will help you move 1000+ miles across country... I couldn't have asked for more...
We went to the city ...
We saw the bones of a T-Rex...
Ate famously stuffed pizza at Giordano's Pizza...

Rode the Bus System ....
Ate at Noodles...
Took fabulous photos with crazy girls....

Ventured the metra with a 6 yr old ...
Used our GPS to find non-existent restaurants..

Miss read the maps, which caused us to walk an extra couple of miles...
We stood ashore & looked out over a lake that seemed as large as the Gulf of Mexico...
Went to many Museums...
Walked everywhere.....

Ate a Chicago Dog.... the one I had tasted just like a regular hotdog---> did I get jipped? was it supposed to be better?
Went shopping and found great deals...
We stood on a see thru ledge overlooking the city 103 stories up(approx 1350 ft), where by I didn't look directly down when standing on the ledge...
Went into the city to see the Sky Deck at Willis Tower to only have it closed due to high winds and window blowouts...

Realized our walking shoes hurt our feet more than our flipflops...We are Fl girls...
Had a wonderful birthday breakfast with the girls...

Dropped my best friends off at the airport....

One Bestie arrived just a little late(oopsie) and missed her flight...
Good thing it was early enough in the day that she could catch the next one....

I didn't cry...not that day....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goodbyes are Hard

Arent Ashleigh and I cute... James offered to redo the photo of us... I personally love this one b/c it is us.. Mama, my parents and James and Mindy were there to see us off. Miss You all

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oldies But Goodies

We were able to spend an afternoon with the kids I Nannied almost 4 years ago. It just so happens that a friend of mine,Elisabeth, took the job after me and thanks to the kids Elisabeth and I are now best friends. I will miss you guys. G & I can't wait to visit you over the holidays.

Last Day with the Williams & Ennis Families

What a wonderful experience it has been working with these two families... They were so wonderful to hire me last November knowing that I was leaving in the middle of June. Graciously enough rather than working for them they allowed me to work with them. I was able to get all the kids on a similar schedule and also work with the parents on having a nanny because before they asked me on they had never had a nanny before and they weren't quite sure how the whole process came together. It was a wonderful experience and although both they and I parted having a wonderful friendship, I can honestly say I never want to go back to regular nanny-ing if I can at all help it.
We can't wait to come visit you all in a couple of months and see how much you have changed!!!~hugs and kisses~

I know it sounds weird, but I think knowing that neither the family or I had major expectations and knowing that there was an end that had nothing to do with the family or really myself, made the goodbyes so wonderful. I was able to make sure they found someone that would be wonderful for the kids and get her all trained up before I left.

All I can say is if ever I need to go out there and make some extra moolah this is the way to do it, I am not quite sure what to call it but something that has to do with having to prepare the family for a nanny while focusing on getting the children into a wonderful routine and then training the new nanny all in a matter of 6-8 weeks that way its almost like a part time job.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Baby Sister

I can't even believe she is in Middle School now! Boy does the time fly!!!
Congrats Ash!

G's last Day of Kindergarten

Last Day
for friends from Liza Jackson
for Mrs. James
for getting on and off the bus at Mama's
for going to school where her Aunt Ashleigh attends with her
for riding the bus with Aunt Ashleigh
for going to school in Fl
for going down the yellow hall to class
Last day with Travis, Coleman, Sarah, Holla & Aleah in the background.
Last day with Travis , Mikayla, Coleman, Zionna, Sarah, Layla, Holla and beside G is Sophia. Again Aleah in the background.
Last day with Travis and Coleman(as you can see they loved her, Coleman loved my camera more)
Last day with Mikayla
Last day with Zionna

Some Favorites:
pink and blue and red
chicken nuggets with ketchup
Sarah was her favorite friend in class
the mean girl on the bus, Zandrea was her best friend by the end of the year
play dough was her favorite thing to do at school
recess was awesome
you learned your phone number and address
you had a chore chart to complete once you got home from school: it had shower, hang up towel get dressed, put dirty clothes away, get out folder and start homework
you loved your bus ride
your favorite thing to do after school was go swimming with either Ashleigh or hunter
your favorite breakfast was pop tarts and cereal
you favorite lunch at school was hamburgers with ketchup
favorite snack at school was cookies
100Th day of school was great
loved being a car rider too!
thanksgiving celebration was fun
when you grow up you want to be a police officer, b/c police officers shoot with guns and have hand cuffs and mommy will be your nanny for you 3 kids
you loved making projects at school like gingerbread men and making puppets in art
in Spanish you learned numbers & colors and how to speak in Spanish : adios-goodbye, Ola-hello,
things that were popular : silly bands(shaped rubber bands that you wear on your wrist like a bracelet that you traded for other ones at school and on the bus)
your favorite song right now is all the wonderful horses(the yodeling christian CD)
some things you like to do when you are bored go outside to play, eat food, playing the computer and watching cartoon, and going swimming
you go to bed 800 and wake up at 700 for school
the school bus comes at 800, school starts at 830 & ends at 300, you get off the bus at 400
you collect pencils, silly bands, rocks, bookmarks
you love cats and dogs
your favorite outfit is the light pink and grey dress with hearts and your long jean skirt with your purple little pets shop shirt
every time I have asked you a question tonight you have responded with ....that's a good question... hahaha

Friday, June 04, 2010

Miss G's Kindergarten Celebration

What an exciting year!! Miss G has gone from being able to write mommy, daddy, a couple of the kids from last years names and her own to being able to sound out the words and partially read. She has had an excellent year in spelling and math. Given our new circumstances and everything she has pressed on and done so well. We only managed to miss school the days we went to visit Jonathan during his basic training graduation in March. We are going to miss our Liza Jackson friends and staff(okay maybe I'll be missing them, I have only dreamed of my children going to this school since it opened~I practically had a party when I found out last spring she was accepted). Esp Mrs James who is also moving on to another school because of the military.