Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Tooth Fairy is FiNaLlY on Her Way to Our House!

Yes I actually asked her dentist last month if maybe something was wrong. She is one of the oldest students in her 1st grade class and to my knowledge the only one with all of her teeth. The dentist re-assured me that we are lucky(uh huh!) because the longer the baby teeth stay in the better off her big teeth will be, because they are protected under her gums! Boo Ya to all you 5 yr old 1st graders with no teeth! Well back to my normal self....

Do you see this wonderful fabulous-ness??? Well Crystal, from over at Little Bit Funky, saved the day. You see since we moved in with my grandmother last Jan(eagerly awaiting to join my husband after boot camp in June) I have managed to misplace her tooth pillow~that she has had since ..ummm almost birth~thanks Nana who always preps way ahead ;p, but no thanks to me I have managed to realize this as her tooth is getting ReAlLy wiggly... I emailed Crystal, picked our her favorite color in a Ho Ho Monster and then asked Crystal to overnight it. It arrived after school just in the neck of time. Conveniently enough our local $1 theater was playing "The Tooth Fairy Movie", we slid on over there , got pizza, a pitcher of soda and some nachos to celebrate her tooth.

I borrowed the idea from a website and then made some slight changes to authenticate it.... Feel free to "borrow" it as well....

Dear Gabrielle, April 6th 2010

Hello there! Before I congratulate you on losing your very first tooth, let me introduce myself) after all, strangers shouldn't be leaving letters under your pillow, and if I introduce myself, then we won’t be strangers anymore! (Don’t worry I already know all about you- it’s all in my files at the Tooth Fairy Castle.)

My name is the Tooth Fairy – your parents might have told you about me when your tooth finally came out. My special job is to make sure that all good little children that put a tooth they lost under their pillow at night get a special surprise for when the y wake up early in the morning. My job keeps me very very busy- my goodness there’s a lot of children to visit every night, just like you that are losing their baby teeth left and right. But, I also like to relax during the day at my Tooth Fairy Castle, catching up on some of my Tooth Fairy paperwork and playing with my little doggie, Canine.

Enough about me – it’s your special day! So congratulations on losing your very first tooth, it sure didn’t want to come out of your mouth, did it?!?! Don’t worry I’ll be back to visit you again when you lose the next one! Keep up the brushing every morning and evening, don’t forget to rinse and spit, as well as floss and use mouth wash because I am always looking for nice shiny teeth.


The Tooth Fairy

As you can tell she was very tired and yet wired all at the same time when we took these photos.

Monday, April 05, 2010

What Personalities!

These are some of Miss G's B.F.F.'s from birth.

It just so happens that their mother is one of my B.F.F.'s so they really didn't get a choice, aren't they goofy kids?

She is really going to miss them.
P.S. We also found out that day that Mr.L has a a crush on Miss G!!!