Friday, August 13, 2010

Officially Falling Apart..

I have been dealing with a lot of bum body parts over the last couple of years... I have admitted to the hubby that yes in about 10 years he might be toting around an elderly woman with a walker/cane/or wheelchair. I feel like I am much older(in my bones) than a 26 yr old.
For the last 3 + weeks I have been nursing a pain in my lower leg(just below the shin and above the ankle... It doesn't really have a name). Out of paranoia I finally made an appointment.. I thought it had to do with my back, something stemming from a pinched nerve, b/c when sitting my shin ankle area would become numb. I have at the same time been having a lot more back pain.
Come to find out yes I am a old lady... I ended up having x-rays and lab work the x-rays confirmed a stress fracture in the lower femur bone and I haven't heard back from the lab work yet but I am on calcium supplements. I have also been referred to a physical therapist for all my back pain. The Dr and I are hoping for some relief as I start building more muscles in my back. Woo Hoo! I can't wait to not have as much pain anymore. It makes me quite the grouch. I am looking forward to being a nicer wife and mom. Keep me in your prayers. I have a referral to see someone in Orthopedics to make sure my leg is healing properly. It takes about 6-8 weeks to completely heal and I am not allowed to do extra activities...In fact my Dr said the only reason she wants me doing anything is if it is life or death. So I am allowed to walk but nothing more.

Hope Every One Has A WonderFul Weekend!
These photos are irrelevant to the post today... They just make me smile..These are photos from back in March when my little sister and Miss G had a Impromptu Fashion Show.

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